Digital signage is the most effective way for any organisation to deliver interactive communications.

Whether it’s streaming company announcements, information, or stock updates, displaying promotions and offers, or guiding customers, visitors, and employees around your business, interactive wayfinding can help.

Our user-friendly digital signage solutions will bring you and your audience closer together and give you a competitive advantage.

The display of real-time information on electronic devices such as LCD panels and AV projectors is referred to as digital signage. It enables the simultaneous display of content from multiple sources, which can be customised or standard, across as many display devices as needed.

Provide Relevant & Engaging Content

With the help of our end-to-end IPTV technology solutions, you can manage the delivery of TV or video content to any connected device over your existing network as channels or via digital signage screens, straight from any source.

IPTV portals can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. Exterity has extensive experience implementing complicated proAV solutions across a range of industries, including corporate, finance, education, hospitality, remote facilities, stadiums, and healthcare.

Digital signage is a tremendous asset since it is a highly engaging medium with a variety of useful applications that can be customised for your company.

The Tripleplay system may be tailored to your needs whether you need to handle internal communications and corporate messages, advertise in-store services or products, or centrally manage material for delivery to office locations worldwide.

To learn how the Stylus digital signage solution may transform the way your business runs, contact us or dial 0722970114


Deliver content, communications, and live streams to all on-site displays at the same time.
Save video streams of lectures and events for later use.
Information for visitors and wayfinding.
Canteens with digital menu boards.


Intelligent crowd management for wayfinding.
The ability to incorporate external data and live statistics into signage layouts.
Integration with room reservation panels.
Send messages and IPTV content to office areas, meeting rooms, and reception.


Deliver interesting ads, promotions, communications, or news to staff or.
Deliver 4K UHD content to video walls or large format displays.
Interaction with the user.
Content is delivered to all sites on time from a single source.

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