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An industrial site is a complex web of resources, personnel, and operations. Stylus solutions give the situational awareness and actionable insights needed to secure important assets, improve operations and productivity, and protect your personnel.

Integrated technologies to keep your business safe
Business continuity demands attention in three crucial areas, from industrial steel mills to commercial bakeries. First, prompt and efficient reactions to intrusion, theft, and sabotage efforts. The second is process and procedure optimization. Last but not least, secure and healthy workplaces. All three are effectively addressed by a network solution from stylus systems technologies. Our adaptable, scalable solutions integrate audio, visual, radar, thermal, access control, and computing devices with sophisticated analytics.

The outcome? the ability to acquire insights that can be used to enhance procedures and practises over the long term, as well as the situational awareness required for quick responses.

KRA AV Systems


A high-quality projector screen is an essential tool in the construction of a presentation area for a meeting room or a full-scale cinema. But, exactly, what should you look for in a projector screen?

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