“Immerse Yourself in Cinematic Magic with Our Home Cinema Solutions!”



Create a cinema experience in your home or office by building a home/office theatre that allows you to enjoy movies, sports, television, and video games like you’ve never seen them before.

We will design your dream acoustic solution in collaboration with your architects, contractors, and designers to deliver an excellent solution that will make everyone involved proud.



A high-quality projector screen is an essential tool in the construction of a presentation area for a meeting room or a full-scale cinema. But, exactly, what should you look for in a projector screen?



Depending on the number of seats you want to use, the size of your screen, and the sound system you’re using, the placement of your home theatre furniture may be the most crucial component of your home theatre for watching and listening.

The best of all worlds, if you will – a theater-like setting in your living area.

With customised home theatre systems, anything is feasible.

We provide cutting-edge home theatre equipment that will let you experience a movie theatre ambiance from the comfort of your couch, with HD picture quality and excellent sound quality—all without breaking the bank.

Work Process

We design, build, and calibrate home theatre or private theatre rooms from start to finish.

We design, build, and calibrate home theatre or private theatre rooms from start to finish.
The following are the steps involved in our work:
>>Choosing the best room acoustics and equipment for the room while staying within the client’s budget
>>The proposed room’s 3D rendering and CAD drawings are created and discussed with the client.
>>Everything is in place, including the LCR, subwoofer, ceiling and surround speakers, projector, projector screen, amplifiers, blu-ray players, cables, and so on.
>>The advanced calorimeter is used to calibrate the projector screen combination.

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