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Whether you manage a small boutique hotel or a large chain of quick service restaurants, Stylus systems network video and audio solutions can keep your customers and employees safe while enhancing the efficiency of your business.

Network audio and video that benefits your clients
You can create a better client experience in your hotels and restaurants with the help of Stylus Systems network solutions.

With the help of our hardware, you can cover all of your properties, both inside and out, invisibly from a single hub. You can take action to prevent the kinds of security issues that can harm your reputation by using analytics support to automatically discover blocked emergency exits, hostile or suspicious conduct, and more.

Moreover, stylus solutions may track waiting times, cleanliness, and service standards, enabling you to make educated changes that support your brand and draw in new clients.

Solutions from Stylus Sytems are perfect for quick service and fast food establishments. Several branches can be remotely monitored, and high-definition video can be tailored for drive-throughs, pickup zones, and parking lots. Software for hovering around unmanned counters can even be added.


Hotels safe and respect client privacy

Hotels can strike a balance between providing guests with peace of mind and respecting their privacy with stylus solutions while discretely protecting both visitors and staff.

An integrated system may include network door stations, loudspeakers, and cameras that have been specifically chosen and optimised for certain areas (such as front desks, hallways, lobbies, private spaces, self-checkout lanes, etc.).

Then, without violating visitors’ privacy, analytics software may give smart features like luggage tracking and poolside security. By managing lines and staffing, video analytics can even help your hotel provide better service overall.

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