BenQ W1070+ Projector


The BenQ W1070+ is Full HD 1080p resolution and 3D ready and is the replacement to the hugely popular and acclaimed W1070. Contrast Ratio remains the same at 10,000:1 so the blacks on the BenQ W1070+ are still deep whilst the detail in the image is very impressive indeed.

Out of the box presets are very good on colour accuracy and a improvement on its predecessor whose colours were already good! For us turning off brilliant colour via the menu gives a natural, lifelike skin tone.

Lumens have been increased from 2000 to 2200 ansi allowing you to have low level lighting on or curtains drawn back (as long as there is no direct light coming on to the screen surface) and still achieve bright, crisp and vivid1080p high definition images.

The W1070+ is also 3D ready, simply connect your 3D source (blu ray player, SKY 3D, PS3 etc, 3D Av receiver) directly to the projector via a HDMI cable (version 1.4) and your ready to view 3D images. (Optional 3D DLP link glasses with a refresh rate of 144 Hz required. The W1070+ has a refresh rate of 144Hz which results in a smoother 3D performance compared to 3D projectors running a 120 Hz refresh rate.)

The chassis of the BenQ W1070+ remains the same – very compact indeed and the white top casing of the projector helps the unit blend into the ceiling with ease.

Vertical optical Lens Shift of +/-5% is retained. Whilst not as substantial an amount of Lens Shift as the more expensive home cinema projectors to feature Lens Shift it does give you enhanced flexibility when positioning your projector on the ceiling (or a coffee table)


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