Ricoh PJX2240 Projector


Whilst compact, the Ricoh PJX2240 features 3000 lumens brightness, high contrast levels and long Lamp life. Designed to be durable and simple to use, this versatile projector is easily carried for set up in any convenient location. The remote control makes operation easy and the wide choice of input connections including HDMI, allows input from a range of devices for maximum flexibility.

Lightweight and easy to use : Weighing only 2.6kg this compact projector has a footprint just larger than an A4 sheet of paper, making it highly portable for fast set-up anywhere there is a power outlet. The in-built speaker on the PJX2240 means that no external sound system is required for presentations.

Designed to be durable for maximum reliability : This highly versatile projector has been designed to be durable, requiring the minimum of maintenance. Lamp life is 4,500 in standard mode and using the EcoMode feature lowers lamp brightness, reducing energy consumption and can extend Lamp life by over 30% to 6,000 hours.


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