Elegant, simple, and safe

Our Room Display is an interactive display that is ideal for collaboration spaces. It will assist you in finding the space you have already reserved or will direct you to one that is currently available.

The display clearly shows who has reserved the room and for how long.

The Humly Room display eliminates the need to disrupt an ongoing meeting and eliminates much of the friction associated with meeting room reservations.

Its iconic timeless design will blend in with any modern office, as its aesthetic has been developed to become a part of the interior.

Booking made simple

Book a room with a single tap on the screen.

Someone else arrived first? Find a nearby free room so you don’t have to return to your desk.

Check Room Status

even from a distance, quickly determine whether a room is empty. Make a thorough schedule for the day so you will always know what is going on.

Create custom screen content to keep private meeting names hidden.


Say goodbye to endless email chains and phone calls, and hello to a simplified booking experience.

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