InFocus IN8606HD Projector


The latest home cinema offering from Infocus, the IN8606HD. A full HD 1080p resolution dedicated home cinema projector featuring dual HDMI Version 1.4 inputs and a host of analogue inputs to cater for older source equipment.

The IN8606HD is a compact unit with sleek curves pumping out 2500 ansi lumens which allows you to watch in environments where light may be a problem or you don’t want to watch in total darkness. If you do intend to use the projector in a dark room we would suggest you put the projector into eco lamp mode, this will drop the brightness by approx 25% making for a more comfortable viewing over prolonged viewing ( such as a movie)and will increase yourLamp life from up to 4000 to 6500 hours (under normal operating conditions).

Setting up your image on the IN8606HD is quick and simple thanks to the 1.39-2.09:1 lens and large 1.5x optical zoom. It is the only projector at this price point to feature such strong optics. Generally this type of lens would be found in a projector costing at least £200 more!

So, what’s the actual image quality like? In comparison to similar priced projectors it’s up there with the best of them: sharp image and impressive colour accuracy with the standard cinema preset producing natural, lifelike skin tones. Most units in this price range on cinema preset produce over-saturated images and require a fair bit of tweaking to get the image looking half decent.

As ever its worth mentioning that this is the factory cinema preset and the manufacturer’s best guess at the environment in which it will be used. Hats off to InFocus, it’s a very impressive out of the box preset. However, it really is worth spending a bit of time using a calibration DVD such as ‘Spears and Munsil’ to fine tune the brightness, contrast, colour and hue settings on the projector to suit your room environment. Spending 45 minutes of your time will result in a truly impressive image with the correct amount of brightness and detail to the image with colours true to everyday life.


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